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Create your own 120 Hobo

For over 30 years, we've crafted hand-crocheted bags to reflect our love of artistry and global influences - now it's your turn! 

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Artistic Infinity

Go ahead, make it personal. Our most iconic bag, hand-crocheted by artisans in Bali. Infinite ways to make it authentically yours. 

Step 1:

Choose your pattern

Step 2:

Pick your strap, body, and bottom colors

Step 3:

Personalize the outside of your bag

Step 4:

Type a personal message for the inside label, up to five lines

Step 5:

Our artisans in Bali crochet your custom design and your bag will arrive in 2-4 weeks. 

Start Designing

The Sak is helping to preserve the craft of the artisans who hand-crocheted your custom 120 creation. 

We are using our signature crochet as a Social Fabric, a medium to create change through our products, people and planet. 

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